Executive Protection
Executive protection services are very important when protecting individuals who may be at high risk. This can include both top-notch bodyguards and mobile security solutions.

Highly qualified professionals

Personal protection is an essential safeguard for individuals whose personal risk may be increased due to employment, celebrity status, wealth, association, geographic location, or other reasons that may make them the target of physical attack or kidnapping. We have been providing elite security solutions to customers across North America

Highly trained and distinguished bodyguards are qualified to operate in challenging and challenging environments and specialize in protecting diplomats and commercial clients. Some of our leader protection teams are former special forces experts from Canada.

Bodyguard services

Each executive protection team is tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Particular attention is paid to the operating environment, the most recent threat state and security profile. Our elite security protection solutions include detailed planning and proactive training using state-of-the-art reactive surveillance technology, defensive analysis and reporting combined with physical security.

Mobile security

We have a qualified, trained and experienced mobile security team with extensive knowledge of the regions in which they operate to ensure that you or your employees travel safely and reliably in environments of heightened risk, uncertainty and hostility. . We provide ground survey and route analysis for all travel, contingency planning and primary medical assistance in the event of an accident. In case of an emergency, you can rest assured that help will arrive soon. This support from the Rapid Response Force (QRF) is made possible by the fact that there are always several crew members and vehicles on the road, all of which are controlled from the operational node.

Vehicles equipped with the latest technology

Our armored vehicles and soft leather vehicles can be customized according to your requirements. We equip our entire fleet with electronic countermeasures (ECM) as well as wireless and satellite communication systems that enable our operations centers to track movement in real time. Different vehicle profiles can be deployed according to the latest threats, intelligence landscape, specific requirements, mission and operating environment.

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